Sock Shark Free Sewing Pattern

Sock Shark Free Sewing Pattern

Sock Shark Free Sewing Pattern

Human fears of a shark because of it’s powerful jaws and the big wide mouth full of sharp teeth. Contrary to the brutal character of the man-eater has given, Solo Sock Shark is soft and huggable, it has the most friendly big smiling mouth with the harmless well-aligned zigzag teeth. Sock shark is child-friendly and it is perfect to make as a gift for any occasion.

Make: 1
1. Sock (ankle length); Dark Blue Denim color, cotton, adult size, 1 pc.
2. Felt, White color
3. Button eye 8mm dome-shaped, black, 2; or equivalent button
4. Crochet lace thread or Embroidery floss, yellow color
5. Poly-fill stuffing material
6. Sewing threads (matching colors)
7. Sock Shark template

1. Sewing machine or, you can hand-sew without a machine
2. Long sewing needle (about 2″), tapestry needle and pins
3. Water Soluble Fabric Marker
4. Scissors
5. Blunt point tweezers or an awl
6. Printer and letter size cardstock
7. Spray bottle filled with water

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To make a toy like this ACTUALLY child-friendly, it’s better to embroider eyes thank put plastic ones in. Flat embroidered ones are less of a choking hazard.