Sock Sheep FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Sock Sheep FREE Sewing Pattern

Super cute sock sheep for your next project. A perfect addition to your collection or to make this as a gift for your loved ones.


Make: 1
1. Sock (crew length), microfiber fuzzy, adult size, solid color, single
2. Sock (crew length), cotton or wool, adult size, solid color, single
3. Button eye 8mm dome-shaped, black, 2; or equivalent button
4. Crochet lace thread or Embroidery floss, pink
5. Poly-fill stuffing material
6. Sewing threads (matching colors)
7. Jingle bell and yarn or string
8. Sock sheep template


1. Sewing machine or, you can hand-sew without a machine
2. Long sewing needle (about 2″), tapestry needle and pins
3. Erasable fabric marker
4. Scissors
5. Blunt point tweezers or an awl

Take a look at this DIY Sock Snowman, too!

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