FREE The Sweet Pea Saddle Bag – PDF Sewing Pattern

Sweet Pea Saddle Bag

This adorable crossbody bag is perfect for children or adults who want a smaller sized bag for essentials. It is a simple, easy sew – one zippered pocket on the inside and a flap closure with instructions for an optional decorative tassel on the flap.

Notions and supplies:

(1) 1” rectangle slide
(2) 1” swivel clips
(2) 1” D-ring or triangle rings
(1) 1/2” D-ring (for tassel)
(1) 18mm magnetic snap
(1) 7” zipper (will be cut down to 6.5”)
30” of piping (optional)

Get the FREE pattern HERE.

In addition to your bag collection, get the FREE pattern of Sunday Bag HERE.

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3 Responses to FREE The Sweet Pea Saddle Bag – PDF Sewing Pattern

  1. Nancy says:

    I absolutely love sewing 4 free site! Depending on the browser you are using, the ads almost always come from Google, Facebook, or the browser ads, not coming from the site that you are on. I have all Google and Facebook ads disconnected also, I detest being spied on.

  2. judy hall says:

    unsubribe me- i can’t stand the pop ups in the lower right corner. the site does not give me the items that i thought it would you are a pin.

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Judy,

      Hi Barbara,

      You’re not actually on any of our email lists at the moment. I have unsubscribed you from the newsletter for this site. Out of interest, we don’t have any popups in the lower right. This would not be for our site. You may want to clear your browser cache. There’s only a sharing pop up in the lower left only.

      However, if you’re referring to push messages that would appear in the upper right corner of the screen if you opted into them in the past and would like to opt out now, just follow these instructions depending on your browser:

      Unfortunately, it isn’t something we control on this end. Much like a radio station, we’re just broadcasting a message to users who have chosen to receive it. We actually don’t know who has or has not opted in, so we’re not able to block specific individuals.

      Hope that helps and kind regards, Mayra

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