Teeny 10 Minute Wallet Free Sewing Pattern

10 minute wallet free sewing pattern

This little wallet is a great way to give gift cards, keep your gift cards or rewards cards organized, make a quick trip to the store with essentials only, keep an emergency card in the car with some cash and change. Use it to make an impression on someone you need to pay. Have the cash in the pocket ready for your hairdresser or manicurist. They will remember you and your thoughtfulness. Keep several made up and handy. It’s a quick sew for last minute gifts.

What you will need:

• 1/4 yard of fabric (Either full quarter or fat quarter. Fat quarter will give you enough fabric for 2 wallets, a full quarter yard will give you enough for 3 wallets).

• 1/8 yard of Pellon F911FW Interfacing

• 1 snap and snap applicator pliers

• The usual sewing supplies, marking tool of some sort (pencil works on most fabrics)

You might want to check this Accordion Fabric Wallet, too!

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3 Responses to Teeny 10 Minute Wallet Free Sewing Pattern

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  2. Joan Peasnell says:

    I like your designs, but cannot get my download to work. It is the Teeny Ten Minute wallet. Can you help please Joan Peasnell

  3. Yvette Lawrence says:

    Love Teeny Wallets! Whenever I make a garment, I use the leftover fabric to make a matching accessory such as a wallet or tote to complete the ensemble. Thank you .

    On side note—I could not open the link to the Accordion Fabric Wallet. I am using a Mobil device .

    Thanks again

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