Tracing Burda Patterns the EASY Way

Tracing Burda Patterns the EASY Way

Tracing Burda Patterns the EASY Way

About Burda Patterns and particularly about tracing Burda patterns from the magazine and still staying sane.

If you are British or European you will probably be very familiar with the Burda Style monthly sewing patterns magazine and the maze of patterns all printed on top of each other in all of the different sizes. Or perhaps you have a vintage pattern that you don’t want to cut, or one you might want to make in several different sizes. So how do you best trace out your own pattern from the many on the same page, and still keep the page intact for future use?

Burda makes it even more complicated by including no seam allowances so you have to add your own at the time of tracing too. Here are some useful tips for making your own pattern from the maze and adding your seam allowances at the same time.  All while keeping the original intact and unharmed. Find them all here.

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