Travel Cosmetic Bag FREE Pattern and Tutorial

Travel Cosmetic Bag

Here's how to sew a large, roomy, comfortable and beautiful cosmetic bag-nessesser, which will accommodate so many important things. The size of the finished bag is 18 cm by 18 cm by 7 cm.

Materials that will be required for sewing a handbag.

1. The felt is hard 1-2 mm thick, the cut is 45 cm by 55 cm.
2. The zipper 40 cm, preferably detachable.
3. Sublimation thermo-sticker for decoration (can be optional)
4. A pattern printed on sheet A 4 on a scale of 1: 1.

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

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14 Responses to Travel Cosmetic Bag FREE Pattern and Tutorial

  1. Tammy Laurich says:

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  3. Shannon says:

    Hi there! Beautiful pattern. Just wondering where you buy hard felt?

  4. Wynn says:

    Suggest you get a cheap ruler or tape measure with both metric and inches …

  5. Rae Shaw says:

    I would love to make this but I can’t figure out how to “print the pattern????
    Can anyone help????
    Rae from Missouri

    • Micky says:

      I finally figured it out. Right beneath the blue box that says “check out the pattern and free tutorial” is a line that says check out this boxy cosmetic bag free pattern. It takes you to Craftsy. It looks different but that’s it as far as I ce n tell.

  6. Linda G says:

    The tutorial is free, but there isn’t any link to get to the pattern download for this cosmetic bag.

  7. Jenola says:

    The pattern is great. But I am not interested in figuring mm into inches.

  8. Shirley Buseman says:

    I signed up for your emails and I realize they are free patterns but I don’t know the difference between a millimeter and a gas meter. I’m a not so bright 70+ lady, who only knows inches and yards. Can you addess my issues?

  9. Lynne LePore says:

    Does this pattern have inches instead of metric measurements? I always mess up the conversions and it doesn’t look right. Thank you.

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