FREE Pattern and Tutorial for Wrist Wallet

Wrist Wallet

This wrist wallet is perfect for those who wants to go out without carrying a bag. You can put coins, cards or any small thing you wanted to keep on this wrist wallet.


– lining: 3 fabrics of 25cm x 10cm and 1 piece of 10cm x 10cm
– outer fabric: 1 piece of fabric of 25cm x 10cm and 1 piece of 10cm x 10cm
– Vlieseline H630: 1 times 23cm x 8cm and 1x 10cm x 10cm

Click HERE for free pattern and tutorial.

Have a look on this tutorial on how to make a credit card wallet for your guy. Ideal for holding plastic cards as well as business cards, notes, stamps etc.

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6 Responses to FREE Pattern and Tutorial for Wrist Wallet

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  2. Patricia Clark says:

    Little clarification of terms here, please: Close the plug but leave the top open and leave a crate in the inner pocket. Indicate where the flap comes soon.

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Patricia, thanks for your notes and questions. Sewing4free is a curation site where we link you to hundreds (actually a total of over 1,500) free sewing patterns and tutorials from almost as many different authors and designers. Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide specific details on each and every one of them ourselves. It’s probably best to ask the questions you have posed directly to the pattern author. I see there is a space for that on their website at the bottom of the tutorial. Please give that a try and let us know how you go.

  3. Patricia Clark says:

    Explain: Spell the tab between the highlighting points

  4. Patricia Clark says:

    What does this mean …. lining with keergat. Stir evenly

  5. Patricia Clark says:

    What is a ‘bell hole’?

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