YoYo Plush Dog FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

YoYo Plush Dog FREE Sewing Pattern

YoYo Plush Dog FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

YoYo Plush Dog is a super high-energy dog and gets motivated easily. It is playful and gets moving as soon as you need it to play you.

Just can’t resist his big nose and the sticking-out tongue, reminded of my late pet dog who has a brown nose and always love to sniff here and there with its big brown nose.

Enjoy sewing them!

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric (scraps, various colors and prints): To make the oval-shaped yoyo as the body of the plush dog
  • Fabric (thick cotton, latte color): To make the head and tail of the plush dog
  • Fabric (cotton, dark brown): To make the shoes of the plush dog, fat quarters
  • Button eye 9mm, black, 2; or equivalent button
  • Felt: Pink, 2ʺ x 2ʺ
  • Embroidery floss, black
  • String or cotton twine or yarn: As shoes lace and string to assembly the yoyo body
  • Batting, cotton
  • Polyester stuffing material
  • Plastic beads/stuffing pellets
  • Sewing threads (matching colors)
  • YoYo Plush Dog Pattern Template
  • Cards, for the template printing


  • Sewing machine or, you can hand-sew without a machine
  • Long sewing needle (about 2ʺ) and pins
  • Tapestry needle, fine with big eye
  • Water Erasable Fabric Marker

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Ruth Willet
Ruth Willet

I downloaded the instructions, but I could not get the pattern pieces, could you email it to me.