Zero-Waste FREE Sewing Projects

Zero-Waste FREE Sewing Projects

Zero-Waste FREE Sewing Projects

Many people would only associate reusable shopping bags with zero-waste sewing projects.  However, we've discovered that there's really a lot more you can sew to limit and even eliminate your waste stream.

One of the trends going around our neighborhood at the moment is “zero-waste.”  The idea is a noble one, to save the planet by reducing the amount of waste we produce.  This means reusing more and recycling where ever possible.

When it comes to sewing, it's not only about shopping bags, of course. We set about to collect the biggest list we could of free zer0-waste sewing projects and I wanted to share that list with you below.

I think you'll genuinely be surprised at the number of things you can sew that will help you re-use and recycle more.

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