50+ FREE Clothespin Bag Sewing Patterns

FREE Clothespin Bag Sewing Patterns

50+ FREE Clothespin Bag Sewing Patterns

Have you ever struggled to keep track of your clothespins?

Well, I certainly have. It sounds like a small issue but if you're trying to get away from always using the clothes dryer and want to take advantage of what mother nature has to offer –sun and breeze– to dry your clothes, you're going to need clothes pins.

Turns out good clothespins are quite hard to find here, and if you're lucky enough to find some quality ones –most seem to disintegrate on the first use– you're really going to want to keep track of them.

So I decided to make a clothespin bag and needed a pattern. We don't currently have our own on So Sew Easy so I put together a long list of the best clothespin bag sewing patterns I could find and now I want to share this with you.

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