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  1. Joan Maddox says:

    I looking for the Reusable Popcorn Bag instructions. I found the microwave instructions but would like to use this as a fundraiser for our Daughter of the Nile Temple — need sewing instructions please — it just sends me in circles. Thank you

  2. Rejane says:

    Very nice of you sharing your lovely projects. Thank you!!

  3. Anita Marie Hollingsether says:

    It is impossible to search for any patterns on this site! Why? Can you fix it please? I’m searching for a makeup bag pattern, but all i get is this:

  4. Margaret Teske says:

    Love making bags.

  5. Carl says:

    Hello and thank you for all the info you provide!

    I’m having difficulty finding a pattern for duffle bags (Duffle bag and Mini Duffle bag). I was hoping to make a set for my neice and her daughter.

  6. Bev says:

    Where do I find the Pretty pink bag pattern that you posted on Pinterest?

    • Sewing4Free says:

      Hi Bev, may I know the name of the pattern so I can look for it for you, or you can search the pattern using the search bar. =)

  7. carol kilroy says:

    I’m looking for the folded shopping bag with the zipper

  8. isabelle fox says:

    looking for a “walker” bag pattern

  9. sandra Sine says:

    thank you for the patterns.

  10. Susana Pourxet says:

    Thank you! I already have yours Debbie for the clutch and the easy cosmetic bag and I have to say they are perfect!!!

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