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[…] dress patterns […]


Hi there, thanks so much for the inspiration and the links to all of the beautiful free patterns, you are amazing.
I just tried to get the Sunshine, Daisies Bottom Mellow Dress, from sewing in no mans land and it is no longer available and hasn’t been available for the past 2 years, just thought you might like to know so you can take it off your page or let everyone know that the pattern can no longer be downloaded 🙁
If you know of somewhere that I can get a copy please let me know I would really appreciate it.

Reply to  Elena

On your page this is the Mellow Yellow dress 🙂

Reply to  Mayra

Hi Mayra thanks for your response, did you kust check the link to the page or did you actually manage to find the pattern & download it, because the link does work & it does go to the tutorial for that particular dress but the pattern link on that page does not take you to the pattern, but you can still see the instructions, and if you read the last comment posted on that page it is by the author of that blog stating that the pattern isn’t available & hasn’t been for the past 2 years, which is a real shame because I so want to make that dress 🙁