Bento Box FREE Quilt Tutorial

Bento Box Free Quilt Tutorial

The quilt is beginner-friendly if you cut with care, sew accurate quarter inch seams, and press thoroughly but with precision. The finished block size of this Bento Box Quilt is 15″ x 15″, the finished quilt size is 60″ x 75″ (without borders).

Fabrics for the Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt:

Fabric 1

  • A dark fabric—pictured is a black print
  • 1-3/4 yards

Fabric 2

  • A fabric that's lighter than Fabric 1—pictured is a yellowish paisley (or a warm fabric, as long as there's good contrast between it and Fabric 1)
  • 1 yard

Fabric 3

  • A fabric that's darker than Fabric 2, but lighter than Fabric 1—pictured is a grayish print
  • 1-1/8 yard

Fabric 4

  • A warm color (such as magenta, red, orange, yellow, gold) that ‘pops' a bit, but contrasts with Fabric 1—pictured is a reddish batik
  • 1-1/4 yard

Fabric 5

  • A light neutral that contrasts with all other fabrics—pictured is an ivory paisley print
  • 2-1/4 yards

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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4 Responses to Bento Box FREE Quilt Tutorial

  1. Dianne Flavell says:

    I am completely overwhelmed with what I have to do in cutting out. Can you please help me. I want to do a 4 patch in the centre instead of 9 patch in purple and blue, next lot of colours are blue and cream, next strips are and grey and pink the next and outer colours are black and cream. Thank you

  2. Teresa M Edington says:

    Hey Derry…the pictured quilt in this post and the one on the website with instructions are different. Notice NO PAISLEY in the one pictured here. But there is in the one in the tutorial.

  3. Derry says:

    I’m already confused. There are six fabrics in the pictured quilt. I can see how a similar quilt could be done with five but this one needs six. Hope the cutting directions are better.

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Derry, we just link to the free patterns and sites. It would be best to ask this question on the designer’s site.

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