Cloud9 Loungers FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Cloud9 Loungers FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

These Cloud9 Loungers are super easy and comfortable.

This pattern has a 30″ inseam as written and you may need to make it shorter or longer. You can do this by simply adding or subtracting from the bottom edge of the pattern. Likewise, feel free to add or subtract from the top edge to adjust the rise. Please note that if you are making either the hem or rise longer you may want to buy an extra ¼ yd of fabric to avoid being caught short.

What you'll need:

• 3 yards fabric (44″-45″); please note: yardage requirements may change if you choose to lengthen or shorten
• 1½ yards of ½” twill tape or 1 yard of ¾” elastic for waist band
• Seam allowance: 5/8″ for all seams unless otherwise noted, 1″ hem allowance
• 1¼” foldover for twill tape drawstring or elastic
• Finish all seams as desired

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Kathy Boyd
Kathy Boyd

Love love love this pattern! Loungers are so comfortable I wear them regularly.