Homemade Hand Towel

Homemade Hand Towel

Homemade Hand Towel

Do you suffer from a wandering kitchen towel? Somehow it's never where you want it, when you want it.  But now we'll be able to keep tabs on that kitchen towel – literally!  We'll be sewing a kitchen towel with a tab at the top that we can use to fold over and attach the towel to a drawer handle, towel rail or even to the oven door.

This homemade hand towel is so quick to sew, so you can always run up more.  They make pretty and practical house-warming gifts, something for Mom or are great for changing up your kitchen for the seasons.

What You Need for homemade hand towel:

(Makes 2 towels)

  • Kitchen hand towel or dish towel
  • 2 matching fabrics
  • 2 large buttons
  • The pattern

Find the homemade hand towel pattern and tutorial here.

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