Lighthouse Windows Quilt FREE Tutorial

Lighthouse Windows Quilt FREE Tutorial

The Lighthouse Windows Quilt is a quick and easy quilt pattern to add a geometric decoration at home. It has large shapes in which you can stitch together quickly and finish the quilt in no time.

Fabric Requirements:

  • Fabric A ¾ yd.
  • Fabric B ¾ yd.
  • Fabric C ¾ yd.
  • Fabric D ¾ yd.
  • Fabric E ¾ yd.
  • Fabric F ⅜ yd.
  • Fabric G 1½ yd.
  • Fabric H 2½ yd.
  • Fabric I ¾ yd.
  • Fabric J ¾ yd.
  • Fabric K ¾ yd.
  • Fabric L ⅝ yd.
  • Fabric M 2 yd.
  • Backing Fabric 4 ½ yds
  • Binding Fabric

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Kerry Davidson
Kerry Davidson
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What a beautiful quilt, and it uses smallish pieces of fabric. What I don’t understand is that they don’t tell you that you’ll have lots of reverse wedges left over that could be used in another quilt.