How to Make a Nap Mat

Nap Mat

Here's how to make a nap mat cover for your kids. A velcro closure across the back keeps the cover in place while allowing easy removal for washing. The straps go around the folded mat, and secure the pillow and blanket to the other side, making sure all the pieces stay together when not in use. This looks like a complicated thing to make, but aside from the applique, it’s really nothing but a lot of straight lines!

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Kitt De Verville
Kitt De Verville

I love your directions, but you never said what you used for a mat inside your cover. Not having children around forever, I am in the dark on this one. I made a nap mat once a long time ago for my grandson who is now grown. the mat was much more involved. The long part of the mat that he laid on., I used thick batting. not so easy to sew on. I thought of a piece of foam, not sure what to use. Please help.


Hi Kitt, here at Sewing4Free, we just connect readers to interesting and free sewing patterns and tutorials so unfortunately, I don’t have answers to specific technical questions on each project. Perhaps you could try emailing the author? I think you can find her contacts here: