Mini Maker Station FREE Sewing Pattern

Mini Maker Station FREE Sewing Pattern

Mini Maker Station FREE Sewing Pattern

This arm rest organization station has a hidden superpower — a thin piece of metal in the body and magnets in the interchangeable accessories that include a small storage basket and pincushion. You can also use other magnetic accessories with it, such as pin bowls.

The pattern includes two sizes, a larger 9” wide, and a smaller 7” wide, to accommodate varying sizes of furniture.

Hardware list:

  • One piece 26 gauge galvanized Sheet Metal: 2”x 8.25” for the 9” or 2”x 6.25” for the 7”
  • Three round disc magnets for the basket: N45 Neodymium 1” x 1/32”
  • One round disc magnet for the pincushion: N45 Neodymium 1” x 1/16”


When “width” is specified, insert 7” or 9” depending on which size station you are making.

  • Body:
    • Cut two width x 17”, one front and one back
    • Cut one width x 17” batting
    • Cut one width x 2.25” Pellon SF101 Interfacing
  • Pocket A:
    • Cut two width x 7” (will fold half)
    • Cut two width x 3.5” Pellon SF101 Interfacing
  • Pocket B:
    • Cut two width x 4” (will fold half)
    • Cut two width x 2” Pellon SF101 Interfacing
  • Binding:
    • Cut two 1.5” x WOF strips

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Where do I get the instructions to put it together? The site link doesn’t have a pattern


I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something important- I can see her introductory page but no pattern or detailed instructions. I tried following some of the ‘links’ at the bottom of the page but quickly got lost!