Pincushion Patterns Galore: 125+ FREE Sewing Patterns

Pincushion Patterns

Pincushions are really one of those essential sewing tools.  Like solid sewing scissors and a good measuring tape, it's almost impossible to imagine sewing properly without a good pincushion. Like many sewists, I actually have a few that serve different purposes.  I use the one I keep on my wrist while sewing most often but I recently decided to make another as my husband keeps giving me a hard time about all the pins lying around on my sewing room floor.

In that spirit, I wanted to put together the world's best list of pincushion patterns for your reference and enjoyment.  Hopefully, you'll be able to find every possible pincushion that can be imagined.  Myself, I was amazed at the variety and how long the list became when I just kept looking.  Please enjoy!

Check the FREE Roundup HERE

Here's another free roundup of 80+ Glasses Case Sewing Patterns and Tutorials.



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Sallie Cox
Sallie Cox

Thank you. this is a wonderful way to stat my sewing journey.