Sewing the skirt lining – Easy pleated skirt sew-along: Part 2

Easy Pleated Skirt LiningWe will be continuing with sewing the skirt lining, the second part of our Easy Pleated Skirt Pattern sew-along.  You will need the first part of this series if you're just seeing this episode for the first time.  You can download the FREE pattern if you missed it but you will still need the instructions from Part 1.

  • Part One:  Print, cut and sew the skirt and pleats.
  • Part Two:  How to sew a skirt lining with an invisible zipper. (YOU ARE HERE)
  • Part Three:  How to make pleats and hem a pleated skirt.
  • Part Four:  How to fit and alter the pattern to make the skirt bigger or smaller.

While it is an extra step in making a skirt, adding a skirt lining is important in my view for the following reasons.  A skirt lining:

  • covers interfacing, interlining, finishings, boning, and internal seams that otherwise would make the garment feel unfinished
  • provides extra warmth in cool weather
  • keeps you cool and absorbs sweat when using synthetics fabric on the outside and cotton on the inside
  • prevents a lot of friction, wear and tear, and lengthens the wearability of a garment
  • adds elegance to a garment and make it look professionally made

Get the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE


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