Sleeved Toddler Bib FREE Sewing Tutorial

Toddler Bib FREE Sewing Tutorial

Sleeved Toddler Bib FREE Sewing Tutorial

Make some bibs for your little kids out of hand towels. This version has sleeves and optional pocket. They’re easy, they’re fast to make, and the best part is that they work!

What you'll need:

  • Hand towel (the larger the better)
  • Knit scraps (rib knit works best) – cut a 12″x3″ piece

Take a look at this Crossover Style Baby Bib, too!

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Faith Navarromarvandfaith
Faith Navarromarvandfaith

Teachers would love these, too. Could keep pens, dry erase markers, hall passes in pouches so they don’t have to keep running back to desk for supplies. Less interruptions to teaching time.