50+ FREE Clutch Purse Sewing Patterns

FREE Clutch Purse Sewing Patterns

I really love clutch purses!

Clutch purses are so easy to make yet can be extremely practical to use and elegant to carry. So we decided to do a bit of research and find out how many patterns we could find.  Well, we found A LOT.  I wanted to share the best of these with you in case you too like sewing clutch purses.  I hope you find this list helpful.

Clutch purse patterns are great first projects

Clutches are usually quite easy to sew.  Unlike a lot of other bag designs, they usually don't have too many pockets and the pattern pieces are normally symmetrical so I really recommend them for new sewists who are just getting started in sewing bags.  However, clutch bag patterns can also be great projects for more experienced sewists to show off their talents with slick finishes and BLING!

Check the FREE Clutch Purse Roundup HERE

You might want to check out this Soft Clutch Bag Pattern from So Sew Easy.



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