50+ FREE Mermaid Sewing Patterns

Mermaid Sewing Patterns

Mermaid Sewing Patterns Roundup

Here's a huge list of the best free Mermaid Sewing Patterns that I hope you'll find fun and worthwhile to make.

Mermaids have always been a fun theme.  These mythical creatures from folklore have the head and upper body of a human female and the tail of a fish.  Interestingly, mermaids appear in stories and myths from cultures all around the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  While sometimes associated with bad events like storms, floods, and shipwrecks, mermaids are often portrayed as benevolent and well-meaning, sometimes even falling in love with humans.

I think it's curious how such a concept can be so widespread across so many cultures if it's only a myth??  Do you think mermaids might be real?

Check out this Seahorse Under the Sea Mug Rug, too!

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