Baby Bows FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Baby Bows FREE Sewing Pattern

Here's another free sewing tutorial on how to make this Baby Bows.

This little Baby can be added to in many ways too. If you do needle sculpture, cute dimples, creases, and a belly button and bottom are cute. If you do portrait type faces, or any other type of face work, please do so for your Baby Bows if desired. Embroidering the simple face is especially nice for a play or hospital doll.

Baby Bows is meant to be a very simple, quick, baby to make as gifts, for hospitals, as club projects, and to make with children.

You will need:

  • Two Baby Bows can be made from one yard of Craft Velour or other 54″ to 60″ wide, firm knit fabric.
  • A pound or so of polyester stuffing. 
  • About 2 1/2 yards/meters of 1/4″ wide ribbon to tie the joints with. Another piece of ribbon to tie in the “hair”. 
  • Cut four, 15″ pieces for the legs and arms, and a 24″ piece for the neck.
  • Some scrap yarn…You only need about 30 strands 10″ long. 
  • A pair of Preemie or Newborn “Foot Jammies” and a knit baby cap. 
  • A newborn diaper if you have one. 
  • Sewing supplies and thread to match your doll's skin. 
  • A 1″ Styrofoam or wooden ball. 
  • Freezer Paper or card stock or whatever you would like, to make the whole pattern from.
  • 2 yards of very strong nylon cord.

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