Baby Swing FREE Tutorial

baby swing

Look at this baby swing for your little baby. Lovely, isn't it? With this free tutorial, you can make one at home!

Materials needed:

-about 2 yards of home decor outdoor fabric (if your fabric has a pattern or a stripe, you may need more in order to get the proper placement)
-sewing machine, thread, and your typical sewing notions
-(2) 1 1/8 x 48″ round dowel rods
-miter saw, handsaw, or circular saw
-drill with 3/8″ drill bit
-(2) 3/8″ nylon rope cut to 10′ each
-1/4 x 2″ steel ring
-(2) rope clamps
-3/8″ spring link
-swing mounting bracket

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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Maria F Rico
Maria F Rico

I am going to make this for my youngest Great-grandson whom is a year and a half, because I believe that not only would he enjoy it but because he squeals instead of talking. He cries inconsolably at times and I believe that this swing will help to calm him down. I just had a thought…He may not want to get out of it! Lol!

Lyn Watts
Lyn Watts

I love this! I also really admire all your other makes and have reproduced quite a few of them.

My first grand baby is due next month and, if I won, it would make a fantastic gift.

I’d have no problem making the seat itself but the wood frame side of it……..I am to carpentry what an igloo is to the desert! (Useless)

This is why I’d so love to win a completed item.