Cute and Colorful Baby Blanket and Toy All in One

Baby Blanket and Toy

If you like this cheerful blanket and baby toy all in one, this is how you can sew one just like this on your own. Step by step. No worries, if you are a total beginner, this is an easy project to start learning how to sew.

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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  3. Lesley says:

    Instructions start: cut a square 75×75 cm(14.5×14.5”). 75 cm is twice 14.5 inches. I assume 14.5 inches is correct but it could confuse some people.

  4. I love your site!! Just wish you had a link for email (hotmail) so I could send these patterns to myself. Everything but hotmail. I get your newsletters by hotmail but can’t send myself these patterns 🙁

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Brenda, thanks for pointing that out. The system we use seems to have everyone else. I’ll look into it but seems like Hotmail may not allow given there is literally every other service there. Have you seen Hotmail sharing on other site? Kind regards, Mayra

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