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Feather Trimming Tutorial

This is an easy feather trimming tutorial especially for those who live near a farm..  You may not have known, but you can use feathers as tasteful clothing embellishments that do not require constant washing.  Feathers can embellish everything from hats to gorgeous frocks and everything in between.  Feathers are an easy way to give a touch of elegance and softness for things like shoes, tutus, and handbags while you can also create a hard edge and darkness in costumes.  A popular way to use feather trimming is with a detachable collar.  Whatever your motivation for using feathers, the trick is knowing how to use them.  This is what I'll try to show you in this tutorial.

For my project, I am going to use feather trimming to make a removable collar/necklace.  You can use the same technique to create lots of different embellishments but I just want to show you one of the many things you can do.


  • Turkey or Rooster feather boa, or a bag of loose feathers as I used below
  • bias tape 1/2″ wide, unfolded 1″ make your own here.
  • fabric or E6000 glue (most dry transparent)
  • leather or jeans needle
  • thread to match the bias tape


Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

Another easiest way to bling an outfit is by adding a Detachable Collar. Check the FREE Tutorial HERE.


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