Fabric Belt FREE Sewing Tutorial

Fabric Belt FREE Sewing Tutorial

Fabric Belt FREE Sewing Tutorial

This Fabric Belt is a perfect project for using your scrap since you will only need a couple of strips of fabric.  This fabric belt tutorial applies to any size buckle.  The key is to know how much fabric to cut to be able to fit into the buckle.

Belts, of course, are an essential piece of anyone's wardrobe. Making one using spare fabric not only saves expense but allows you to create a design that fits any outfit or style.


  • A strip of fabric 9 inches longer than your waist and 4 times as wide as your buckle
  • One rectangle that is 7″ X 5″ in diameter
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Thread to match
  • A buckle 1 1/2″ wide
  • 6 grommets


  • A punch holder
  • An awl
  • Kam tool (I use this heavy duty Kam tool.)

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