FREE Tutorial: Fancy Schmancy Cloth Napkins

Fancy Schmancy Cloth Napkins

Stitch up a stack of cloth napkins. They're eco-friendly and they make every meal feel like you're eating at a fancy restaurant. Make them all from the same fabric for a formal set, or choose different fabrics to match the personalities of every member of your family. Each napkin will have two sides – so feel free to mix and match your fabrics for a fun effect. I like to use a print for one side, and a coordinating solid for the reverse.

For each napkin you'll need:

Also, learn how to make cloth napkin with this FREE Tutorial.

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I’ve made lots of cloth napkins (love ’em) but never two-sided like yours. Think I’m going to be making lots more of them now, they’ll be two-sided and themed: Easter, 4th of July, Autumn/Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Fun!