Mochi Bag FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Mochi Bag FREE Sewing Pattern

Mochi Bag FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Here's a cross chest bag that can also be worn as a hip bag. It has a zippered opening with front pocket and also adjustable strap. Unisex design. Perfect for boys and girls. Fits most kids.

Notions and supplies:

  • universal needle size 80 or 90 needle
  • 1/2 yard (50cm) fabric
  • lightweight interfacing for light to medium weight fabrics
  • (9″) zipper
  • 1 2.54cm (1″) adjustable slider/buckle ・2 2.54cm (1″) D-rings for the tabs ・zipper foot for inserting zipper

Fabric recommendations:

MAIN and POCKET FABRICS: Light to heavyweight woven fabrics, quilting cotton, broadcloth, poplin, duck, canvas, denim, twill, etc. If using heavyweight fabric, you can skip adding interfacing. Straps could be made from webbing as an alternative to a fabric strap.

LINING: Lightweight woven fabrics, quilting cotton, broadcloths, etc.

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