My Little Mouse Stuffed Toy FREE Sewing Pattern

Mouse Stuffed Toy FREE Sewing Pattern

My Little Mouse Stuffed Toy FREE Sewing Pattern

Here's a little mouse stuffed toy to use as a pincushion, stuffed animal or pet toy – a fast & fun sewing project!

What you'll need:

You might want to check this DIY Mouse Slippers FREE Sewing Tutorial.

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Mrs. Meow
Mrs. Meow
How do you rate this pattern? :

I scaled down the printout so my cats would play with it (they prefer smaller toys) and did little embroidered eyes instead (they like to tear buttons off things and try to eat them) but they love how it ended up! Never thought about that little trick for the ears!


Adorable! My cats, and my daughter’s cats, are going to love this come the winter holiday!

Lori Sylvain
Lori Sylvain

Thank you so much for the free pattern for the toy mouse. I wonder if I could use it as a pincushion, it is very cute!