20+ Chemo Hats and Scarfs FREE Sewing Patterns

Chemo Hats and Scarfs FREE Sewing Patterns

20+ Chemo Hats and Scarfs FREE Sewing Patterns

Chemo hats and scarfs are essential items for patients dealing with and hopefully recovering from cancer and the chemotherapy treatment that often is the only way to combat this disease. 

One of the main tools in combatting many forms of cancer is chemotherapy.  While this treatment saves many lives, it has some very unfortunate side effects.  In addition to severe nausea, headaches, and other side effects, chemotherapy often causes hair loss in patients.  This hair loss just adds to the pain, loss of dignity, and feelings of social disconnection that cancer sufferers often feel.  A chemo hat or scarf is often the only good way to minimize this.

If you know someone battling cancer, a chemo hat or scarf may be a beautiful way to show your support and care.  So here are 20+ free chemo hat patterns and projects that may help you decide on something to make.

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