Face Mask Sewing Patterns Roundup

Face Mask Sewing Patterns

Face Mask Sewing Patterns Roundup

The following list of masks will not replace an N-95 mask but may help you if you have nothing else to wear. 

So many readers have asked me about this that I felt I had to pull something together.  This is not a recommendation on our part, only a list for our reader's convenience and at their request.  Please make your own decisions about your health and seek the advice of the experts in your community.

Given the recent outbreak, many have realized the benefits of using face masks when going out in public.  This has even been mandated in many countries already and it seems like it may only be a matter of time before that comes to the US. 

Unfortunately, many people have now discovered that all the major stores including the likes of Amazon are currently out of N95 mask or that the prices have been jacked up so much that they are simply not affordable.  

It's unclear what value a fabric face mask would have but it seems to me it is probably better than nothing.   It will not stop truly aerosolized virus particles but it definitely seems like it would help if someone coughed or sneezed directly on you.  You'll have to make your own call.

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4 Responses to Face Mask Sewing Patterns Roundup

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  2. Bethany Thompson says:

    You should not have to apologize. At times like this we are all under stress and anxious and need to be reaching out with kindness and understanding. Thank you for being so diligent to keep up a website and providing us with information about something we can actually do. Here in the states hospitals are asking sewers to make non surgical masks to use with patients who are hospitalized, but not with Covid-19. Every little bit helps.

  3. Gayle Fox says:

    I can’t find the pattern for the face mask. Where can I find the pdf pattern file to download

    • Sewing4Free says:

      Please click the button that says ‘Check the FREE Roundup HERE’. This will redirect you to a site where you can see the free roundup and click the images for the patterns.

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