FREE Tutorial: Lined Dog Jacket From Recycled Denim and a Scarf

Lined Dog Jacket From Recycled Denim

When the weather gets freezing cold and your dog has very little hair, you have to take action. Sewing some clothes for your pets is a brilliant idea to show them your love and care. If you are fond of making something for your dogs, this sewing tutorial is just in time!

What you'll need:

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[…] You might want to check this Lined Dog Jacket from Recycled Denim and a Scarf. […]

Grandma G.
Grandma G.

I made something similar for my dog. I used three layers, fleece on outside, some old ugly vinyl in the middle and flannel as a lining. It’s strong, warm and waterproof and allows my baby (also a shorthair) to deal with cold and snow. Like your dog, he goes crazy when he sees it, knowing he’s going outside to play.

Sharice Murison
Sharice Murison

So crazy adorable!! I’m going to go search for some old jeans now!