Halloween Treat Bags Roundup: 85+ FREE Patterns

Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Is On The Way.  Are You Ready?

A few years ago, back when my kids were younger, Halloween was a HUGE family event.  The whole family would pitch in to create the spookiest looking house in the neighborhood.  Everyone, even the dog, got dressed up for the occasion (maybe one day I'll share a spooky dog costume with you)!

While the kids went out I stayed back to give out candy to the flood of happy trick-or-treaters.  I couldn't help but notice that most of the kids were hauling their candy around with dangerously overfilled, fragile plastic shopping bags.  Needless to say, it wasn't surprising when one unfortunate child accidentally tore open their plastic bag, spraying candy all over the floor.

Seeing this year after year inspired me to create my own sturdy and stylish Halloween Treat Bags for my own kids.  Below you'll find a collection of Halloween Treat Bags that you can't miss, and will make great additions to any costume. Enjoy!

Check out the FREE Roundup HERE

Take a look at this Halloween Witch Hat from So Sew Easy.

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