How to Make a Keepsake Quilt from Old T-Shirts

Keepsake Quilt

When your kids are in sports or any activity, countless t-shirts usually end up in their wardrobes over the years. What is one person supposed to do with all of these t-shirts? While some t-shirts may be fast favorites, others may just sit in drawers, or worse, plastic storage boxes, for months, if not years at a time. What is one to do with all of these forgotten t-shirts?

Very often, T-shirts are made from preshrunk cotton, making them perfect to toss in the washer and dryer at a moment’s notice. T-shirts usually feature a soft and snuggly jersey cotton type material, making them comfortable and nice to wear even when you aren’t feeling the greatest. The combination of being comfortable and easy to wash make t-shirts a great candidate for creating a keepsake quilt.

To create your very own keepsake t-shirt quilt, follow the FREE tutorial. You may need to brush up on some sewing and quilting techniques if you are a beginner.

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

You can also refashion or restyle your old t-shirt with this FREE Sewing Tutorial.

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[…] Also, learn how to make a Keepsake Quilt from Old T-shirts with this FREE Tutorial. […]