Little Owl FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Little Owl FREE Sewing Pattern

Little Owl FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This little plush owl is SO CUTE! It’s VERY easy to make and the sewing directions are VERY clear and also FREE! A novice sewer could easily figure out make this soft little friend.

You could make it in any color too! Brown, black, etc. Also, the wings would be a fun way to use up any scraps you may have lying about.

What you'll need:

  • Fleece, body. Any color. (8×11.75 in.)
  • Felt, any color. Face. (9.5×3.75 in.)
  • Felt, black. Eyes. (1×1.5 in.)
  • Felt, brown or orange. Feet and beak. ( 3×1.5 in.)
  • Felt, any color. Tummy. (2.75×2.25 in.)
  • Fabric, any. Wings. (5.5×8.5 in.)
  • Sewing floss. White.
  • Sewing floss. Tummy color. Belly button.
  • Sewing thread. Colors to match body, beak, face, and tummy.
  • Embroidery needle for hand sewing.
  • Stuffing

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millen marney
millen marney

why won’t the little owl pattern print off?