Wrap Top FREE Sewing Tutorial

Wrap Top FREE Sewing Tutorial

Wrap Top FREE Sewing Tutorial

This top can be made without a store-bought pattern and since it closes with ties, it fits a variety of sizes (XS-L).

This wrap top is basically a rectangle with a neck hole cut in the middle. Easy, right? The edges and bottom are hemmed and ties are added at the bottom edges (skinny ones in front and wider ones in the back).

What you'll need:

You might want to check this Wrap Top FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial.

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4 Responses to Wrap Top FREE Sewing Tutorial

  1. Julie Hosea says:

    Great, I love this top. I am learning to sew I will try the pattern.


  2. dajea says:

    This really cute and practical and I am going to try it. I read the tutorial and it seems a step is missing. The instructions never say fold the large rectangle in half. The instructions assume at one point that there is a “fold” but does not say which way. The blouse looks like it is short from shoulder to waist but longer than 13″; so I am going to assume that the fold would be on the 46 in width so that one ends up with a piece of fabric 26×23. If that is correct, fabric print design will be important.

  3. Christine says:

    How are the two front (smaller) ties used?
    I can see the larger ties, sewn to back corners, are wrapped around waist to front. But I cannot see how the two smaller(2″) ties are tied from the back corner they are sewn to.
    Please help!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love this top. How would I make it an XXL? Thank you for the pattern and reply. Have never used a digital pattern.

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