Adorable Chicken Softie Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Chicken Softie Free Sewing Pattern

For those who love to make toy softies, this project is a must-have. Create this adorable chicken softie with this FREE Pattern and Tutorial for your little ones or as a gift for your loved ones. Select your own favorite fabrics to create a unique chicken softie. Happy sewing!


Fabric sizes are approximate. If you are new to sewing, you may want to use larger pieces to make turning curves easier.

  • body fabric – 10”x20”
  • beak fabric – small scrap, 5”x3”
  • wing fabric – either 7”x24” or 14”x12”
  • crown fabric – small scrap, 5”x8”
  • feet fabric – 4”x10”
  • coordinating spool of thread
  • polyester or wool toyfill
  • 4 small buttons, safety eyes or felt
  • embellishments [optional] TOOLS
  • small hand-sewing needle
  • scissors
  • pinking shears [optional]
  • lacquered chopstick or turning tool
  • fabric pins
  • hera marker or fabric pen

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

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2 Responses to Adorable Chicken Softie Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

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  2. Olivia Morrissette says:

    Too stinkin’ cute. Thank you!

    I’m going to make the feet and wings a lot smaller, and maybe with a little detail.

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