Free Sewing Pattern – Big Blue Ikea Bag

ikea bag

The big blue Ikea bag. I don't know if you've discovered this yet, but those boxy bags are the perfect size and shape for a load of laundry. And unlike laundry baskets, they can be squished into taking up almost no space.

You can make your own big Ikea bag with the free pattern and tutorial by Devon of Miss Make.


Check the FREE pattern HERE

Take a look at this Shopping Tote Bag Tutorial, too!



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One Response to Free Sewing Pattern – Big Blue Ikea Bag

  1. Lori B says:

    I love this idea. I have an Ikea bag that I use for carrying messy stuff (since it’s pretty much waterproof), but I hate how it looks. If the dimensions are the same I think I’ll try using the Ikea bag as a lining. I can just use it’s straps. If I hold it in place with snaps I can remove the lining for cleaning. Thanks for the inspiration!

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