Quilted Buckets FREE Sewing Tutorial

quilted buckets free sewing tutorial

Need to whip up a quick gift? This pattern has you covered. If you start with a quilted fat quarter you'll have enough to make three identical buckets! Or use the pattern to conjure individual buckets, each with their own personality. You'll love how quick they come together, and find yourself making more and more!

Check the FREE Pattern HERE

Quilted Buckets FREE Video Tutorial

How about making a Collapsible Patchwork Storage Box? Get the FREE Pattern HERE!

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7 Responses to Quilted Buckets FREE Sewing Tutorial

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  2. Nkiruka says:

    Thank you

  3. Debby E says:

    Love Them! Thanks for the free pattern.
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Marlette Louisin says:

    What a great idea to use up that pre quilted fabric I thought I”d use!!

    Also, I could easily quilt up some sewing or other theme fabric on my longarm and have a unique and useful gift.
    Thank you!

  5. Marianne Rooks says:

    I am unable to access the information on your website. My passwords are recorded in a file. When I tell the operator my problem, I am given instructions on how to get my account open and instructions on how to get to the material I need, or how to fix it on the spot. These long, drawn-out instructions are truly daunting. I would be grateful for any helpful information you can share with me.

  6. Helena says:

    Thank you for this lovely free pattern. Just in time to make one for the granddaughter’s little bits and pieces.

    Wishing you a Blessed Festive Season

  7. Helena says:

    Thank you for this free pattern. Just in time to make for the granddaughters little odds and ends

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